Welcome to the home of MegaBuiltBullies. Our Mega Bullies are born and raised on our 30 acre farm, tucked away in the gorgeous mountain ranges of British Columbia, Canada. Our hobby-type breeding program has been around a good while now, and we have successfully become the top producing XL Bully kennel in Canada. Our breeding program has produced such specimens as our fully OFA tested trendsetter and viral sensation MegaBuilt Bullies’ THE AFTERMATH, and the award winning most muscled up dog in the world, MBB’s TONKA. Both have become part of the most sought after studs in the XL Bully world, and also the pinnacle of our program success. Our other superstars include the World’s Biggest Tri, MegaBuilt Bullies’ WARLOCK and the XXL MEGA FREAK-A-BULL, SULTAN. We were able to achieve this level of quality results by using and only breeding to the top bloodlines in the world. We selectively pick offspring , breed and keep only the top specimens to progress our program into the future. We pride ourselves in breeding and producing the most genetically HEALTHY, BIG BONED, FREAKY, EXTREMELY MUSCLED UP, WIDE, GIANT REARED, COLOURFUL XL and XXL Bullies with that CINDAR BLOCK HEAD.

When you purchase a pup/and or adult from us, we can assure that you will receive a quality puppy from a knowledgeable breeder.  All of our pups are registered with the ABKC. We will continue to improve the breed as well as preserving some of the finest American Bully bloodlines in the world.

When you leave a deposit with us, it is not refundable. If your pup is not born, or the breeding didn’t take, you have the choice of transfer to another breeding or to another pup that may be available.

Our puppies are available to ship worldwide, wherever the breed is not prohibited. Please contact us for information on shipping your XXL Exreme Megabuilt Puppy!

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  1. Reygan

    Hello, what is the start up price for a female and male pups?

  2. Marvin O'Loughlin

    Could I have all shipping information and prices to the uk!

    1. Alex

      After a female pup

  3. Paras

    I really wanna get a puppie just wondering how much for shipping to Vancouver and a pice for a mega puppie tri plz let me know thank you

  4. Oshane

    Am in Toronto and I wanna know what’s the prices and location? XXL

  5. Bhavjit

    what’s the cheapest male
    you have?

  6. Vitor Albuquerque

    how much does a glacier puppy cost?

  7. Jonathan

    Can I get all the information for shipping the pups to England please, thank you

  8. Kellie Williams

    What’s the cheapest male puppies that you have available

  9. Lori

    Are these pure bred pit bulls

  10. Adela Radjenovic

    Good afternoon we are looking for stud I’m situated within the UK I have a female ancestry and father from Bossy kennels it will be our Dita Von Tease 1st litter and it as to be right Breed colour health weight and right right for Dita etc I was looking at the possibility of sperm from ‘The Aftermath can you issue me a cost please overhaul with regards Adela and mike

  11. Darlene krups

    Do you offer training school for dogs not purchased from you?

  12. Stephanie

    Price for a female please

  13. Eddie

    What is the start up price for a female

  14. khwezi

    What is the price for shipping to south africa?

  15. Rahul

    Hi I was looking at your female dogs and I was wondering rahhow much it would be for a puppy from mbb gelato

  16. Gurjiwan brar

    Hey, just wondering, how much the average cost of a xL puppy?

  17. Lennox

    Hey I was just checking out your dogs I currently have a XxL bully He’s a male and I was wondering if you’d be interested In breeding one of ur females with my males right now hes 20 months and 150lbs fully bloodline with registration

  18. Haley Rodriguez

    Hello, just had several questions for you. What is aftermaths std fee? How is the shipping process work? Do you need vet proof of the ai so it goes to the approved female? Do you need pedigree pictures of the female we were thinking of breeding? How does the process work when registering the litter? Thanks.

  19. Jordan Allen

    I want aftermaths son the same every thing like aftermath and the same jeans as the dad aftermath I’m Jordan Allen

  20. Anthony McClain

    What are the average puppy prices

  21. Juan garcia

    Hi do you have stud in Melbourne?

  22. Maria luschen

    When purchasing a puppy, do you supplied all immunization records from birth until the puppy is sold\

  23. Money G

    How much for a xL merle male sperm the cheapest

  24. Daniel Malan

    Do you ship straws to the US

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