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  1. jimmy

    Hello I would like to have some information I am interested I would like to have his seed put it on my female lilac lineage ddk9 is a xl but I would like to know how it goes to have seed tonka because I am in France

    1. MegaBuiltBullies

      hey there yes we can send TONKA semen to France please send us a email for more information

  2. Mike Cunningham

    That’s a baaaaaad dude right there!! Like what I’m seeing here at MMB.

  3. Aarron

    Hi hope you are having a good day, sending TONKA sperm to the U.K. it will be frozen, how long can the sperm be kept froze for?

  4. Mark

    Is tonka’ s semen still available?
    Can you ship to Brisbane, Australia?

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