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  1. Shahn


    Very interested I aftermaths stud fee for Australia.

    Is he available ?

    1. MegaBuiltBullies

      hey yes we can ship Aftermath semen to Australia. please send us a email for ore information

  2. Jeffery Hebert

    My Female is Coming out of her 3rd heat now. She is UKC and ADBA Registered. I want to use him for her next heat and her first breeding. How far in advance should I make arrangements with you?

    1. MegaBuiltBullies

      you can contact us once she close to her next heat aftermath is abkc reg so you will want to dual reg your female with abkc before then

  3. Dog Carrier Backpack

    There are lots of things to learn, so much info on it.

    King regards,
    Boswell Cannon

  4. Jonah Camara

    How do I acquire a puppy from one of your liters. Is there a waiting list?

    1. MegaBuiltBullies

      just follow our Instagram @megabuiltbullies and keep check back on the website

  5. Vedant

    What Merle coat colour aftermath have

    1. MegaBuiltBullies

      he’s black merle

  6. Dela Radjenovic

    I left a message on waiting list for puppies from aftermath and how to pay I have emailed petair as we are in the UK and understandably taking covid 19 into consideration and I would not wish for any animal to be placed into quarantine for a lengthy period if you do eventually ship outside of Canada into Europe could you inform me please also when it’s a safer time for the dog that’s paramount
    Many thanks

  7. Kevin Burton

    Like to know the price of a male or female
    Puppy of aftermath. And when would one be available

  8. Joe

    Hi was wondering the stud fee on aftermath I was thinking about using him for more girl precious is he Abkc Registered if so does it say American bully on it also location if u don’t mind

    1. MegaBuiltBullies

      Hello. All stud info is on my website. yes he is ABKC . feel free to contact us for information. Thankyou

  9. Joe

    Sorry just seen the price I’m very interested so if u could contact me at +18453994804 I would appreciate it

  10. Jack

    Hi my female is comeing Into 3rd season in around 2/3 months what’s my next step to get semen sent from aftermath To uk . Thanks 👌

    1. MegaBuiltBullies

      Hello. We are currently in the process of sending all of our studs semen to the UK in about 2 more weeks it should be there. Feel free to contact us for information. My wats app info is +16043163054 or you can call/ or text us 604-316-3054

  11. Aaron

    Can you still send aftermaths seamen over with all this covid happening

    1. MegaBuiltBullies

      yes we can still ship semen worldwide no problem. Feel free to call/ or text us for info 604-315-3054

  12. James whitesell

    Hey I got a dog I wanna breed she’s a blue noes that has brindle blood her mom was a grey n reddish brindle so could have a revers with after math contact me @ #1-303-437-2342

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