MBB "The Aftermath"

Name: MBB “The Aftermath”

Height: 21″

Weight: 130LBS

Head: 24.5″

Stud Fee: $5,000

Frozen straws are available in the UK United Kingdom & Australia Australia

Aftermath is the OG and king of the XL merle Bully world. He was born ahead of his time!  He is the son of world famous 178lb HPP Shockwave. He’s truly one of the most exotic and unique XL Bullies to ever grace this earth. He is responsible for the merle colored revolution and why every major kennel is now breeding them. Aftermath is not only the only merle colored XL merle bully to be fully OFA health tested; he joins just a handful in the bully world to ever be fully health tested. He’s also a carrier of the tri colored gene with a laundry list of productions to prove he’s one of the greatest XL merles history.

As seen on Barcroft TV, Beastly, and Dog Dynasty.

MBB Tonka

Name: MBB Tonka

Height: 21″

Weight: 134LBS

Head: 28.5″

Stud Fee: $5,000

Frozen straws are available in the UK United Kingdom & Australia Australia

Tonka is the production of the perfect outcrossed breeding between our super producing female Beauty and the famous Redlion Warrior. Tonka has the biggest most muscled up rear in the entire bully world, and is absolutely flawless from front to back with his massive bone, short back, giant head, thick neck and extraordinary muscle size and definition which has led him to being titled as the most muscled up dog over 100lbs – with multiple awards and OFA health tested cleared heart. He is the definition of what an XL Bully should be.

MBB King Sultan

Name: MBB King Sultan

Height: 22.5″

Weight: 160LBS

Head: 29″

Stud Fee: Closed To The Public

Now this boy here is beyond special and better than anything we ever expected him to be already at only 8 months. He’s the extreme of the extreme with massive XL attributes. As you can see, his chest, girth, width and astronomical bone is already bigger than 99 percent of the Bully community and would make some of the best studs look like Poodles next to him. Once King Sultan is fully matured, he will be unlike and more extreme than any XL Bully out there today. Literally out of this world and with super producing parents such as MBB Beauty and the giant freak Ellis Da Demon Recka, he has no option but to be phenomenally exceptional!! If you are looking for something truly unique and unlike any other XL Bull, he’s for you! Putting the Bull back in Bully.

tricolor xxl bully canada
MBB Warlock

Name: MBB Warlock

Height: 25″

Weight: 161LBS

Head: 28.5″

Stud Fee: Closed

Frozen straws are available in the UK United Kingdom & Australia Australia

Warlock is the biggest tri pup ever born and soon to be the biggest tri on the planet. His pedigree is extremely rare and unlike 99 percent of all other tris being produced today and is absolutely stacked with some of the biggest and greatest XL dogs ever produced – such as being line bred 2x 160lb ICK Stalefish, 226lbs Ellis’ Kekoa, and 136lbs Bossy’s Staxx all upfront. He’s just getting ready to take over the tri world by storm and will be the biggest dog on our yard in just a few months.

SCB Eakin oF MBB

Name: SCB Eakin of MBB

Height: 23″

Weight: 150LBS

Head: 28.5″

Stud Fee: $5,000

Frozen straws are available in the UK  United Kingdom & Australia Australia

Eakin is an absolute specimen with a huge muscular frame, massive 27.5″ head with an unreal top skull. He is the perfect outcross for our program to create the next level mega Bull. He carries zero Bossy blood or GK blood, making him one of the rarest and most exclusive tri bloods around! Our best is yet to come!

MBB "The Exorcist"

Name: MBB “The Exorcist”

Height: 24″

Weight: 150LBS

Head: 27″

Stud Fee: $5,000

Frozen straws are available in the UK  Australia

The Exorcist is an absolute XXL giant freak of nature merle. He’s off the legendary Ellis bloodline, 212lb Da Demon Recka and our chocolate merle Tonka daughter named Nutella. Big X (as we call him for short), has monster size, height and crazy bone for a dog his age and he’s also 2ft wide in the chest. We’re expecting some exceptional offspring from this boy in the future.

troll 4
MBB Troll

Name: MBB “Troll”

Height: 24″

Weight: 165LBS (at 2 years old)

Head: 28.5″

Stud Fee: $7,500

Frozen straws are available in the UK  United Kingdom & Australia Australia

Troll is the future of MBB. Biggest son produced off of our mega monster stud Warlock. He was bred to produce! 3x Stalefish, 2x Conjuring, Warlock and the Aftermath great grandson. A pedigree that is unmatched!!

megabuiltbullies bazooka
MBB Bazooka

Name: MBB “Bazooka”

Height: 22″

Weight: 148LBS (at 15.5 months old)

Head: 25.5″

Stud Fee: $2,500

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  1. Ron

    I would like to arrange a stud with aftermath how much is the down payment

    1. Megabuiltbullies

      Hello Ron . $1,000 is the deposit to lock him in and the remainder is due whenever you are ready to use him . Feel free to call or text us for details . Thankyou

  2. Hare Hare

    Would like to to use Sultan for stud how much ?

  3. Paco Kleko Bulls

    I’m interested stud fee TONKA

  4. Johm

    How much is warlock stud fee

  5. Pete

    Hey mate I would like to get semen from troll I’m in Sydney Australia my girl that it’s for came from a dog named megastar at dominator bullies and she came from a breeding done with tonka’ x redwood rose at designa bullies if you could contact me at your leisure,I look forward to speaking to you more cheers..

  6. Antonio Rios

    Hi I am interested in troll as a stud for my program I see his stud fee has gone up from the last time I talked to you I would like to lock him in what would be the down payment my company is genetically designed bullies

  7. Anthony goodwin

    Do you ship seamen to the U.s?

  8. Iminathi

    How much to lock in the exorcist?

  9. Demarcio Wilkerson

    Would like to get seman from Troll also would love more details I am located in the United states, Thank you for your time look forward to hearing from you.

  10. Eric arizmendi

    I would like to do a stud fee with troll. How much deposit do I need

  11. Ulysees Hardy

    Hey Fo you ship Semen to The USA I would like to lick in Warlock…How much is the Lock in Fee

    1. Ulysees

      I’m Sorry my spelling was incorrect Do you Ship Semen to The USA

    2. Megabuiltbullies

      Hello yes we do . $1000 is the lock in fee . Feel free to text us if you’d like more info Thankyou 604-316-3054 or watsapp +16043163054

  12. Saeb cooper

    Id like to enquire about warlocks and earkins stuff fee please

    1. Megabuiltbullies

      Hello . Both are $5,000 . All info is on the Mega studs page

  13. Sam

    Who is the next female breed to Tonka

  14. Mat

    Are these prices an cad or usd?

  15. Dylan

    How much for stud fee for sultan?

  16. josh

    are your dog’s Pitbull’s or other

  17. Nicholas

    Hi, I would like to use exorcist as my stud. I am ready to have the semen shipped

  18. Morgan nevels

    Hi, I’m interested in MBB “The Exorcist” for using stud for my girl can you email me please, thank you

  19. zAC SMITH


    1. Natasha

      Yes his fee is $5,000

    2. MegaBuiltBullies

      Yes his stud fee is $5,000

  20. Tom Nikora

    Is that aussie dollar or American?

    1. MegaBuiltBullies

      Canadian dollars 😊

  21. Ashley

    Are you shipping to the USA and how long does it take for shipping ? Can you do overnight delivery with fed ex ? Interested in aftermath or exorcist please and thank you ?

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